Two quick questions…

Ever get the eerie feeling your business is going the wrong way?    Or you’re trying to go up a very slippery hill with your marketing and getting nowhere?

cropped-Highway-3AYLV2FOM3-e1474136977575.jpg    Slippery Uphill

When I was growing up, my dad,  mom and I would often go on long trips. At times I felt lost even though he and my mom knew exactly where we were going.  Winters brought snow, and hills challenged the skills of my Super Dad.  Somehow though, he always pulled us through.

From the back seat,  it sometimes felt like we were going the wrong way.  And, in the winter when  the roads were ice-packed and slippery, driving over hills looked formidable if not impossible.  Even with chains on the tires, and the gear just right, the eternity before we reached our destination was way too long for me.

As I muse over these memories, it strikes me as being kind of like how writing great copy can be.

Effective Marketing

I’m sure you already know,  emails can be a very effective marketing system.  In fact, lots of emails need to be sent both to targeted AND prospective customers.  Those emails HAVE to get opened to be read.  Most importantly, they must DEFINITELY  lead to THE CLICK.

So, after the Subject Line grabs their attention, everything in your email should keep them riveted until they’re beside themselves to find where to click.

And this is just the emails.  The same goes for all your web content, from landing pages to any and all pages that lead to marketing conversions. Your newsletters and articles must have the sole purpose of generating sales. There’s no point in any copy that loses the prospect or customer.

That’s where Copywriting – Way to Go comes in.  When you feel you’re going the wrong direction with your marketing message, or you’re stuck at the bottom of a steep icy hill of no response – not to mention, you’re running out of gas, you no longer have to worry or fret.  You see, my job is  to generate response together with you.  Response you’ve only dreamed of.

I understand. I’ve been there… even wrote a poem on exactly that theme, “I Have Been to the Brink of Despair.”  Those dark times can get anyone thinking, “Maybe I should just give it up – maybe I wasn’t meant for this kind of business.”  Nothing could be further from the truth!

The truth is everyone needs help at one time or another – certainly everyone I know. But it better be the right kind of help. The help that brings RESULTS.

Copywriting – Way to Go WILL work with you. I won’t leave your side as long as you need me.  Just remember, with your success comes my success.  No more feeling that you’re going the wrong way or up a steep icy hill of no response.

SO! Let’s talk about your next project.  DON’T WAIT – you could be leaving money on the table!  Contact me now!