About Me

floridaAs a farmer’s daughter, I learned the value of hard work.  Having no brothers, I helped my dad in many ways as I  breathed the clean air.

My mother taught me to crochet as soon as I could hold the crochet hook just right and understand the instructions.  Our hands were never idle. We created beautiful work     together – doilies, tablecloths and bedspreads as we listened to soap operas on the radio.

In my travel agent days, I roamed the world from the “Fountain of Youth” in St. Augustine, Florida to countless  places around the world.

Once I walked into the city of Jerusalem alone after I persuaded my tour guide to let me. My tour bus driver dropped me off  “at the first traffic light” as he continued on to The Masada with the rest of the group.  As I was stepping off the bus, I heard my fellow travel agents murmur, “What is she doing?  Is she crazy?”

From the traffic light, I walked uphill past Jewish military patrols. Since the street signs were in Hebrew and Arabic, I couldn’t read them. Upon reaching the top of the hill, though, a lonely English sign on a building that read “Grayline Tours” both surprised and delighted me.  From there I could see the whole city of Jerusalem.  So, I hailed a taxi to go enjoy the walled old city.

I think I learned to dance before I learned to walk, absorbing the rhythm of New Mexico music. We danced to it in the nearby little village on Saturday nights. And I grew up listening to country music on the radio.

As a teenager, new tunes and words flowed from me, and I found myself composing my own music in both Spanish and English without ever learning to play an instrument. Poetry was a sideline. I was published in national newspapers since I started submitting.

I recorded the Spanish version of one of my songs, “Alburquerque,”  a history ballad that played endlessly on the local university’s radio station.  At a songwriter’s get-together, I sang the English version  “Albuquerque,” and got a standing ovation from the other songwriters!  Sweet.

On to Writing Copy…

As for writing copy and content, you can take advantage of the fact that I’ve learned the craft of  copywriting from the highly regarded American Writers and Artists, Inc. – an online treasury containing all I could possibly need to become a top-notch asset for any marketer.

I’ve also gone on to be coached by the email autoresponder guru himself,  Jay White.  That alone should give you the peace of mind that you’ve found the right copywriter for the job.  But don’t get me wrong.  Emails are just the beginning of what I can do for you.  Within the past seven years, I’ve completed studies in all the following areas:

  •    Email copy and autoresponders
  •    Online content
  •    SEO Copywriting
  •    Site Auditing
  •    Copywriting analysis
  •    Creating money-making websites
  •    Internet research
  •    B2B strategic copy

Also, I’m a member of The Professional Writers Alliance made up of an exclusive group of high-level copywriters.

Contact me right away to talk about making your next project sing!