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    Issue #110                                                                                              Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dear Future Star Songwriter,

Welcome to this week’s issue of Songwriter’s Best Friend.

Today you will take another step closer to songwriting stardom. Excited yet?

The journey begins with super star singer/songwriter, Gene Music, whom most of you already know from his steady listing on America’s Top Ten. Gene has written and sung an incredible sum of 18 hits.

Gene shares with you today and in the upcoming emails what it took him years to perfect. The first steps to writing and singing not just great songs – but HIT songs. Then comes the complete program he himself developed as he composed his own songs.

                                            “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”                                                                                                              — Mark Twain —

Gene begins with the following:

“Anything we start begins somewhere. It’s no different with songwriting.

OK. The first step. Depending on what type of music you listen to or attracts you, you’re drawn by the tune or the words or both. But what REALLY sucks you in is the beat. That’s what gets your feet tapping, your body swaying or your hand-to-lap slapping. How well you relate to the words gets you REALLY hooked. Heck, you might even get up and dance.

It doesn’t much matter whether it’s a commercial, a blues melody, a rap, or a dance tune. It can either relax you, make you happy or excite you in some way. But it grabs your emotions.

There you have it. The first step is the beat.

Sometimes a tune can come to your mind quite unexpectedly, and you start humming it before you realize you’ve never heard this tune before. Sometimes you dream a tune and wake up humming it. Has this ever happened to you?

And sometimes you just set out to write a song, wrapping your whole mind around the first few words of a potential chorus until the beat takes over, and you can continue with the rest of the song.”

Gene’s complete formula for composing winning songs – songs that have made him millions – will be available for you in the upcoming emails.  The surprisingly low cost of the modules can bring exploding returns on investment.  Because there’s more to making HIT songs than the beat, you need the complete formula. Don’t you agree?

Watch for our next issue of Songwriter’s Best Friend for the rest of the steps to writing hit songs. And discover how to get your hands on the complete formula, How to Write Hit Songs by Gene Music.

Stay tuned…


Subject: Does Y0UR Child Need These Secrets?

Hello Fellow Parent:

Alyce Wunderland here from Budget Brainiacs,  and I’ll bet you’re wondering  what that subject line is all about. Well, let me tell you – It’s about financial literacy being so extremely low that our graduates don’t have a clue they even need it because nobody’s teaching them.

Nobody’s told them ANYTHING about credit cards being debt-makers, about budgets or about comparing prices and value when shopping.  Nobody’s taught them basic financial knowledge.

We’re failing our children.  Horribly.  Reading literacy is addressed by the government WE elected while financial knowledge is given low priority or ignored. It’s been left up to us parents.  We, as parents, have no idea how to educate our children, and we have absolutely no plan.  Oh. yeah, some schools offer it as an elective, but it isn’t required.  In many states it isn’t offered at all.

And, we’re from the “keeping up with the Joneses” generation when jobs were plentiful when we thought we had our retirement all taken care of.  But, what have we taught our children about money?

Of course, there’s always the web. But what can you find THERE that delights your child as it  teaches  financial knowledge and that doesn’t put your child to sleep?  I haven’t found anything fun or interesting – or even safe.

How would you feel about your graduate – with honors even – continuing to live with you as an adult indefinitely?  Scary, isn’t it?   Financial illiteracy is real and can paralyze your child’s future.  It’s already taken hold of many families.

And just how do you teach a child finances while holding his/her undivided attention, and where and when do you start?  What tools do you use?   When do you find the time?

Join the club that has the answers to all these questions and more – Budget Brainiacs…


The learning starts through a series of games and other tasks that lead your child through an adventure of financial fun.  There’s online videos, games, classes, quizzes on managing money, with points earned for demonstrating that the concepts have been grasped.

There’s learning channels on bank accounts, applying for jobs and apartments, creating a monthly budget just like the grownups, buying a car, establishing a savings account, and all the while earning points. Sometimes your child can even earn extra points. Points that can be redeemed towards prizes such as a super cool wallet or backpack obtained from an online store.

First of all, Budget Brainiacs is fun.  It’s an online club where the whole family can get involved.  Sure, it’s geared toward the 10-year-old and up, but the child isn’t isolated.  When the family can’t join for one reason or another, online friends around the same age who share the same interest, wait anxiously for your child to log on after school.  And online access to Budget Brainiacs Family Center is safe and secure.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?


A website teaching financial knowledge for kids 10 years and older that’s fun, educational and rewarding has been nearly impossible to find.  Until now.

Does this sound like something you’d like for your child?  And at a yearly or monthly – your choice – investment that reaps enormous rewards.   You’ll save by choosing the yearly fee. AND, for a limited time only, membership includes 50 free points just for joining!


Alyce Wunderland                                                                                                                                             President and Founder                                                                                                                                   Budget Brainiacs

P.S. I am so confident your child will love this club, I will gladly take a steep 50% cut in the annual membership fee that will never be raised as long as you’re a member IF you ACT WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS.  AND, if you’re not seeing a huge leap in your child’s financial education, or for any reason, let us know within 60 days and you’ll get a complete refund with no questions asked. Can it get any better than that?

Do let me hear from you quickly – BEFORE THE SAVINGS EXPIRE!



Subject: You Did It, Adelle!

Dear Adelle:

Hi there,  it’s Jan Alarm from Hurt Alert Alarm Systems.  I want to congratulate you on your decision to finally take action and look into how our system can literally save your life.

You’ve taken the first step towards a safer future, and I want to applaud you for it — way to go!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking to you more about our full spectrum alarm system, and to remind you that you are never alone.

But before we get started, there’s something important I need to pass along first…

Please take care to whitelist this email address.  This means you give permission for my emails to come directly into your inbox instead of hitting your spam folder.  Your email provider should have clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how to do this.  It usually only takes a couple of clicks — but it’s very important.

Could you do that for me, please?

Great!  Now look for another message to come within the next day or so.  Until then, thanks again for checking out our very dependable alarm system — I’ll be talking with you soon.



                                                         Need Alone Time?  Travel or Take a Tour!

 If you’re active, in good health – notice I didn’t say perfect health – and you crave adventure or maybe just need alone time, what’s to stop you from traveling?  Use your budget to determine how far. There’s so much to discover even a short tour from where you live.

Have you forgotten how you always wanted to go to Alaska to see the glaciers and northern lights? A cruise can float you there. How about relaxing on a beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, sipping on your margarita?  Or, depending on your age and stamina, what about river rafting or bungee jumping sound?  Ecuador offers these.

One day when I was bored, I enrolled in a course to become a travel agent. I won a few trips from drawings at our seminars and joined groups on fam (familiarization) trips. One flew me to Hawaii where a Luau was the highlight.   I gazed fascinated as the locals cooked the pig on the beach covered in a sack on coals under the sand by torch light.  I also ate the most delicious mahi mahi for the first time while enchanted in Hawaii.

Local and out-of-state photo workshops teach you their secrets.  Santa Fe, New Mexico ranks first as my local preference. The main tourist area in Washington, DC attracts all the shutterbugs, but I discovered the theater where Abraham Lincoln got shot AND the apartment across the street. where he was hurriedly carried upstairs to and died. I didn’t realize the first lady lost her mind as a result of the shooting.

A real estate investment planning seminar held in Panama gave me the scoop on what Latin America offered. From there I zipped off to Quito, Ecuador and purchased a one-bedroom apartment in the historic center for the price of a new car in the States. It floored my husband when I told him. He retreated in shock for a month,

Point being, I’ve become unstoppable, and so can you. And, if you’re a woman, you can have alone time without traveling by yourself.

So many exciting groups beckon to you.

Alone time can give you:

  • Confidence that “Yes You Can”
  • Knowledge of your surroundings and of different cultures
  • Fun, fun, fun
  • Clear thinking as you stroll along a river bank
  • Better perception of the world we live in
  • New friends from different parts of the world

Staying home made me restless and irritable.  So I followed my wandering dreams and came back home refreshed and happy.

I discovered:

  • How to travel light
  • Who to befriend and who to avoid
  • What I don’t need in life
  • To think outside the famous box
  • Not to fear making my own decisions
  • Not to take unnecessary risks
  • To watch for scams
  • To be comfortable in dressing more like a local
  • To hide valuables from view
  •  To take pictures from a doorway if possible, or leaning against a wall when alone

Pilgrimages I’ve led or joined whisked me to different areas in foreign countries.  Like the time I led a group to Yugoslavia before the civil war that split the country.  We crossed a drawbridge into the peninsula city of Dubrovnik to walk its squeaky clean streets.  And a church I stepped into there took me back in time with everything intact. A bit spooky, but heavenly.

And then…

I climbed an active Ecuadorian volcano part way through misty fog with a little help from the tour guide AND got applauded for it. I was told that many much younger than I quit after a futile try. It’s the same volcano that has threatened to erupt big time recently but hasn’t.  Ecuador’s Andes provide an “alley of volcanoes” each with its own interesting story.

These are just some of the adventures I’ve relished.  You can carve out your own.  Just do your research before going to unfamiliar territory ANYWHERE, especially for safety. There’s more countries off limits to casual travelers now than when I meandered.

Another way to travel “alone” is to volunteer. You can teach English or any language you’re a master in, house sit, pet sit, or trade your stay in a home for the home of someone else who is visiting your city on the same date and time. This kind of travel saves you a ton of money.

If  you’re worried about sitting too long,  you can do sitting, balancing and other exercises before you fly out for 4 hours or more at a time.  That way, you should be well prepared. Balance exercises help prevent falls. Of course, you ALWAYS need to check with your doctor.

Exercise programs are plentiful. With a little research, you’ll find one to fit your particular needs.

Whatever your goals and interests are, let them lead you to a better, fuller life. A superficial life accumulating things brings only boredom and unhappiness. It can be a breeding ground for loneliness with no purpose or, worse, lead to health problems.

Don’t just dream about going – go for it… NOW, while there’s still time!


          Ecuador Travel Agency  –  Let us Deliver Your Next Adventure

Are you longing for an unforgettable vacation?  For that getaway of all getaways?  Ecuador is a small country, roughly the size of Colorado, but in it you can pick your adventure or visit a diversity of destinations that can’t be found ANYWHERE else, no matter how hard you look. Click on the tour you want for a quote.  AND all tours are adjustable to your desires.

  •  City ToursEquator
  •  Mercado Shopping
  •  The Equator
  •  Amazon River Cruise
  •  Rain Forest/Ziplining
  •  Waterfalls
  •  Rafting/Bungee Jumping
  •  Volcanoes
  •  Quilotoa Crater Lake
  •  Papayacta Hot Springs
  •  The Coast/Beaches
  •  The Galapagos
  •  Banana or Cacao Plantations
  •  Vilcabamba Longevity Valley                                

— CITY TOURS include:

  > QUITO, from the largest historic center in Latin America with its gold-gilded colonial churches largely intact and still in use – not museums –  to El Panecillo (Sugar Loaf Hill) with its huge aluminum statue of the winged Virgin of the Apocalypse that overlooks the historic center.  There’s the cable cars attached to the twin inactive volcano, El Ruco, where you can ascend to a spectacular view of Quito, drink coffee or hot chocolate, shop, then walk to see a little chapel up there.  The low activity, live, twin volcano, La Guagua, has been known to spurt its ashes over Quito occasionally enough to close down the airport when the airport was in the city.  Then there’s the evolving street, La Ronda, which started out as a path to a hospital, and after several changes, emerged into today’s booming night-life tourist attraction. And that’s just for starters.

  >  CUENCA, south of Quito, the city of four rivers, has ranked the Number One retirement destination city of the world for several years with its many expats. From there, it’s a short drive to the silver mining town of CHORDOLEG where you can buy silver jewelry and crafts.

  >  In OTAVALO, north of Quito, streets get blocked off for MERCADO SHOPPING on weekends just so you can buy table cloths, crafts, sweaters, alpaca jackets, capes and scarves plus much more at prices you’ll love.  And if the price isn’t low enough, just offer less or keep going.  You should find what you want at the price you want. Bargaining is expected. You can take a break to PEGUCHE WATERFALL and then return to your shopping.

>  COTACACHI offers anything you want in leather from saddles to jackets to wallets to anything in between – great quality leather at affordable prices. Nearby is Lake Cuicocha, formed in an ancient volcanic crater – Cotacachi Volcano.  And for those who love the feel of wood, North of Cotacachi,  you can buy handmade wood crafts, sculptures and furniture and more in SAN ANTONIO de Ibarra.

 — On THE EQUATOR Tour, set your watch by the solar clock, stand an egg on its end on top of a nail head AND watch the water swirl one direction on one side of the equator and the opposite direction on the other – or drop straight down on the equator line. At the tourist area, delicious Ecuadorian foods await for you to indulge in while watching performances. On weekends, colorful cultural dancing takes over as young and old dancers entertain you.

 — Take a 4-day AMAZON RIVER CRUISE through the jungle on a safe riverboat. Get up close and personal with the animals and plants in a motorized canoe if you like. All meals are included. You’ll visit a salt lick where hundreds of parrots come together. And discover Yasuni National Park.

 — ZIPLINE in MINDO and its RAIN FOREST – only 2.5 hours north of Quito.  Not only does it exude abundant natural beauty, but over 400 species of birds flit around for birdwatchers to enjoy. Board the cable car to take in the 6 different waterfalls.  You can swim at the last one. Or you can tube down the Rio Mindo, navigating the rapids.  AND you can visit the butterfly garden that houses 25 different butterfly species and then go examine up close at QUETZAL the many different species of orchids – some with monkey faces even.  If you love chocolate, Chocolate Makers can show you the COMPLETE process of chocolate making.  Sweet chocolate heaven.

 — PAPAYACTA HOT SPRINGS offer a popular day tour to take the time to relax or hike as you drink in the beauty of nature on one or more of its many trails.

 — WATERFALLS are plentiful in Ecuador, but in the town of Banos (pronounced Bahnios) south of Quito, is the Holy Water Waterfall that dried up and came back after fervent prayers by the faithful.  The hot springs, at the foot of the gurgling volcano where Banos sits, are famous for their healing powers. Tours from Banos can take you to see the rest of the waterfalls in the area and to RAFTING, BUNGEE JUMPING and more.

  — In contrast to the TUNGURAHUA VOLCANO which is extremely active, PULULAHUA VOLCANO near the equator, remains completely inactive.  From the rim that you can drive up to, a path leads down to its farmland inside the crater – the only volcano in the world with farming inside its crater.  COTOPAXI VOLCANO, to the south of Quito, remains in constant watch for an eruption. And to the southeast of Cotopaxi is QUILOTOA CRATER LAKE, another fun and relaxing tour.

 — The COAST has many must-see-and-play-in BEACHES. The two best are Montanita known for surfing. International surfing competitions are held there yearly.  Olon is a fishing village and maintains more of a family atmosphere.

 — The GALAPAGOS  can be visited by nature cruise, on a four-day tour, or an island-hopping tour where you can enjoy Darwin’s evolution discoveries. Blue-footed boobies abound.

 — BANANA and CACAO PLANTATION tours take you to the source where you can see and learn the process that takes place before the bananas come to the supermarket and where and how your hot chocolate originated.

 — VILCABAMBA valley greets you with its centenarian healthy old-timers.  There you can breathe the clean air, drink its pure water, eat great vegetarian food and with a tour guide hike the trails the Incas hiked. There’s a reason it’s called the valley of longevity.  Take a tour and see for yourself.  Just be prepared for the English spoken there now and the new “gringo economy.”

                                                               Click Here for Tour Quotes